Automated feeding


The Agrinuvo automated farming system performs repetitive actions for you, allowing you to save both time and money. You will experience easier and decreased workload in the management of your farm.

Agrinuvo provides a system for each of the 4 major sectors in the agricultural automation activity:


Enjoy peace of mind. The feeding control will prepare the total mixed ration for your animals. This allows measuring the desired amount of each ingredient and controlling its flow with great precision. The mixer unloading can be done at a set time either by feeding cart, on-rail robot or feeding conveyor.


Treat yourself with an increased animal welfare. Agrinuvo ensures adequate climatic environment for maximum animal comfort by allowing you to control the humidity, temperature, lighting and the air quality in your barn. This function will help you to manage the ventilation equipment such as polymat, balloons, fans, chimneys and other equipment related to the temperature of the barn and outdoor temperature. And finally, our weather station reduces the risk of damage caused by strong winds and heavy rains in the barn by closing the air inlets accordingly.

Manure management

Avoid certain unpleasant tasks. This group ensures the collecting of manure safely by operating your scrappers and gutters. It also handles the agitation, separation and evacuation of manure to the pit automatically, ensuring a clean environment for your animals.

Building management

Improve your daily comfort. Building management is responsible of the entire barn, including the atmosphere in the offices (lighting, heating, automated air-conditioning) and the access management (garage doors, hours of pumping, gas, etc.). This also includes all other equipment having no direct link with the animals.

While the Agrinuvo system takes care of the integrated automation of your farm, you can spend your time on other tasks. The alarm system notifies you instantly if a problem occurs so your work environment is safer and easier to manage remotely.

You can monitor your system in real time, from your tablet or smartphone via our Agrinuvo mobile application. The manual mode is always available on our systems.


With Agrinuvo : Supervise your farm operations in 3 steps